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Most importantly, there was much fine singing, especially from the women… Natalie Davies brought forward Hermia’s more temperate reflectiveness.


Claire Seymour, Opera Magazine


‘Natalie Davies and Caroline Taylor’s characters Hermia and Helena felt a little underwritten but given the opportunity to shine in the duet “Men are fickle” they sparkled. ****

Anthony Evans, Planet Hugill

'As the cruel stepsisters Clorinda and Tisbe, Holly Brown and Natalie Davies  are... as good, blending physical comedy into their act with a natural ease... ****'

Geoff Brown, The Times

'Holly Brown (Clorinda) and Natalie Davies (Tisbe) groaned and grimaces with a sourness that would curdle the blood, all the while singing with winning gloss and glitter, and interacting with terrific comic accord it was hard to believe that they weren't in fact sisters'

Claire Seymour, Opera Today

'Clorinda and Tisbe, were completely wonderful characters... Holly Brown and Natalie Davies created two contrasting yet vibrant personalities, egged on by Adam Maxey's Don Magnifico. The result was a trio where the comedy was delightful.'

Robert Hugill, Planet Hugill

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